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Our Services

Dedicated to Providing
, Personal and
Prompt Service at all times

Our planning and resource management people provide a fully confidential service and we assure clients that we will not work for individuals or organisations with competing interests.

  • Research & Policy Analysis and Corporate Plan Integration
    • Development of long term Community Plans
    • Linking first and second generation plans
    • Integrating corporate asset, strategic & financial plans
    • Linking Regional and District planning initiatives

  • District and Regional Plan Development
    • Corporate and strategic direction
    • Policy development and analysis
    • Research and analysis
    • Preparing District Plans
    • Rules and other methods, evaluation and development
    • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of plans
    • Public works and network utility requirements
    • Preparing plan changes and variations
    • Negotiating settlement of references
    • Expert Evidence (Environment Court, council and special inquiries)
    • Project management
    • Public consultation, facilitation and mediation
    • Training and education programmes
    • Advocacy (public interest groups and organisations)
    • Cross boundary initiatives

  • Resource Consents
    • Consent applications
    • Policy and research analysis
    • Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEE)
    • Expert evidence (Environment Court, council)
    • Submissions and further submissions
    • Consent Order Negotiations

Fees are set at an hourly, daily or weekly rate and where secretarial or organisational support is required those services are charged on at cost to the client. If preferred, the practice is prepared to discuss working on an agreed project cost basis.