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Maxine Day

Maxine Day BRS, MRRP (Hons)

Maxine has her Masters in Regional and Resource Planning from Otago University and a Bachelors degree in Resource Studies (Lincoln). After completing her studies Maxine was employed as a researcher by the International Global Change Institute to monitor and evaluate the performance of local government’s planning processes. She has also been involved in research on local government’s relationship to climate change legislation and training requirements, environmental education, governance, organic production and heritage planning provisions. Maxine has traveled and worked extensively around the world, particularly in Asia. Her international development work includes monitoring, evaluation and capacity building in Vietnam and the Philippines. These interests are strongly linked to improving environmental management and are applied to her planning work at LCC. Maxine joined LCC in early 2004 and was involved in resource consent applications, policy and plan analysis, research and practitioner development, due diligence, plan submissions and hearings. More recently she has set up her own consultancy Environmental Planning & Research (EPR) and continues to work with LCC on special projects.

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